It is an honor to write in support of Josh Chapman to represent District 5 on the Davis City Council.

As the former Executive Director of the Davis Downtown Business Association (DDBA), I worked with Josh for over six years as he served as first the Vice President and then President of the Board of Directors. Josh always came prepared, had a deep understanding the issues before us, and was ready to engage in a productive problem-solving conversation. All the qualities necessary to be an effective leader.

His commitment to our community is readily apparent as seen through his community involvement. Whether it is participation on committees or groups that help shape the future of our downtown and our City, volunteering in his kids’ classrooms, supporting youth sports, or owning and operating a local business, Josh is willing to take the steps to help make our community healthy and vibrant.

Josh Chapman is a leader that the Davis community deservers. His actions speak as loud as his words.

I wholeheartedly endorse Josh Chapman for the Davis City Council and encourage the south Davis community to vote for him as their representative of District 5.

Stewart Savage

This letter was originally published in the Davis Enterprise on September 25,2020