Endorsing Josh Chapman for Davis City Council – District 5

Endorsed by the

Yolo County Democratic Party

Josh Chapman for Davis City Council

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Endorsed by the

Davis Professional Firefighters Association

“As firefighters, the health of our community is a top priority. Josh Chapman is a leader who knows what it takes to ensure we have the resources we need to take care of our community through these difficult times.”

Josh Chapman for Davis City Council

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Indivisible Yolo

Josh Chapman for Davis City Council

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Davis College Democrats

Josh Chapman for Davis City Council

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Don Saylor Yolo County Supervisor

Don Saylor – Yolo County Supervisor

Josh Chapman has my highest endorsement for election to represent District 5 on the Davis City Council. Josh is a servant leader who meets the moment. As a school volunteer at Montgomery Elementary and a youth sports coach, Josh is deeply engaged in the lives of the families of South Davis. He lives his values and has taught suicide prevention all over Yolo County. As the owner of a small business in downtown Davis, Josh has also made a significant contribution to our larger community. He served as President of the Davis Downtown Business Association and as a member of the Downtown Davis Plan Advisory Committee. Josh is strategic, collaborative, and humble. He will advocate for the interests of District 5 and nurture lasting partnerships with his colleagues and our shared community.

Delaine Eastin Portrait

Delaine Eastin – CA Superintendent of Public Instruction (Ret.)

At a time when it is possible to be cynical about politics, I am uplifted by the caliber of a number of our neighbors running for public office here in Davis. One candidate who is worthy of note is Josh Chapman, a candidate for Davis City Council. He is an energetic candidate with a good work ethic. He has pledged to do his homework and to be even-handed. He wishes our community to provide not only outstanding neighborhoods but to enhance safety and to plan ahead to avoid bad situations like the Mace Blvd fiasco. By making timely inquiries of our staff, he can help the city to save revenues by maintaining our streets better to avoid having to do the most expensive reconstructions because we did poor maintenance. An ounce of prevention is really worth a pound of cure.

Chuck Roe Portrait

Chuck Roe

I’m endorsing Josh Chapman for Davis City Council. He has been a long time downtown leader and his wife grew up in Davis. I know Josh to be very personable, perceptive, open minded and hard working. He is a successful downtown business owner and his kids go to school here. I’d be proud to see him represent us.

Ted Puntillo – Former City Council Member, Former Postmaster of Davis

Jen McNeil – Former Principal at Marguerite Montgomery Elementary

Mary Phillip – Davis Resident

Endorsements for Josh Chapman for Davis City Council

Don Saylor- Supervisor – Yolo County Board of Supervisors

Delaine Easton – CA Superintendent of Public Instruction (Ret.)

Joe Krovoza – Former Mayor City of Davis

Ted Puntillo – Former City Council member City of Davis

Tom Adams – DJUSD Trustee

Pat Johnston – Former CA State Assemblyman & Former State Senator

Bapu Vaitla – Vice Chair-Social Services Commission

Chuck Roe – Longtime Davis resident

Daniel Olmos – Former President Obama appointee

Erica Aichwalder
Jose Azuara
Jennifer & Eric Banks
Tamara & Vance Barker
Thom & Jackie Bjorkman
Stuart Blair
Josh & Ina Bobo
Nora Brazil
John Brinley
Dennis Carlson
Andy Chasin
Damian & Misaki Curtis
Scott Daugherty
Matt & Jen Davis
Eric Dirksen
Alexandra Duffy
Paul & Suzanna Ernst
Lynne Ferda
Mary Louise Frampton
Hillary Haycock
Aric & Lisa Hicklin

Eddy & Janet Hood
Deanna Johnston
Bill Julian
Helen Krell
Shawn & Nicole La Rowe
Jon & Callie Lyndsey
Dana Marsh
Scott McElhern
Jen McNeil
Tim & Stephanie Mech
Kyle Monhollen
Christa Millstein
Nathalie & Fungai Mukome
Mitch Mysliwiec
Andrew & Jan Newman
Sarah Newman
Don Nguyen & Nhu Tran
Mark Nobili
Sinisia Novakovic
Mary Phillip
Lee Pflugrath
Lori Prizmich

Kathy Puntillo
Nate Rhodes
Marc & Syreeta Ross
Stewart Savage
Michelle & Mark Secrest
Diane & George Sommers
Jon & Suzane Sommers
Rich & Sarina Sommers
Steve & Patti Sousa
Erika Strand
Mike & Kristin Swanstrom
Tennis Tollefson
Danny Tomasello
Gretchen & Stephen Tornabene
Michael & Tina Varinsky
April & Andrew Wallace
Kim & Sandy Wallace
Kevin Wan
Scott Williams
Elizabeth Wisnia
Sarah Wolf-King
Vince & Pame Wolfe

Endorse Josh Chapman for Davis City Council – District 5