Aside from owning one of the best record stores you could find yourself in, Josh Chapman has been doing a lot for you and the city of Davis, whether you know it or not.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Josh for about 11 years. He was a critical component to supporting the first Davis Music Fest when it was just an idea, and continued his involvement through DMF9 last year, even holding a board of directors position along the way.

In late 2011, Josh also held the first conceptual planning meeting among a few live music enthusiasts who ended up spearheading the Davis Live Music Collective in early 2012.

One thing that I hope you take away from this note and my experience working with him is that he listens. He considers perspectives that aren’t his own and ponders the impact of an idea or suggestion before forming an opinion. He takes in information and asks questions and considers all sides of the equation.

Josh manages to juggle many moving parts: owning a business downtown, being on the board of the Davis Downtown Business Association, staying engaged in the community, meeting with business leaders and individual contributors alike, making time for his family and still having time to enjoy live music in and out of his store. Second Friday ArtAbout is just one example of the culmination of his efforts to help improve the lives of Davisites.

When he told me that he was running for City Council, it didn’t surprise me at all, frankly. He’s already doing a lot of work and is well connected. If you’re unfamiliar with Josh, he’s got an uncanny and natural approachability and is friendly to everyone he meets. I encourage you to get to know him, share your ideas, and consider voting for him in November.

Danny Tomasello

This letter was originally published in the Davis Enterprise on September 9, 2020