Josh Chapman will bring a new and fresh perspective to the Davis City Council in the upcoming election on Nov. 3.

He has creative ideas and a strong sense of civic duty. With his experience as a business owner, and as the past president of the Davis Downtown Business Association, he will be able to help tackle the city’s biggest challenges with creative and innovative solutions. As more businesses will begin re-opening, Josh will remain diligent to ensure that the city takes steps to reopen safely.

Josh is an active volunteer and has served our community in a variety of ways. In one of his many roles, he was the School Outreach Coordinator for Suicide Prevention of Yolo County’s “SOS – Signs of Suicide®” program reaching out to over 4,200 secondary students. Additionally, he presented to nearly 150 parents at a forum on depression, bullying, and how to reach out for help. He listens carefully and works towards finding solutions. Josh is committed to helping Davis enhance public safety through accessibility and transparency, and will work to improve our city’s quality of life.

Josh has been a longtime neighborhood advocate for District 5 and advocates for fundamental changes at the local level. With his vast business and work experience, he has proven to be the type of leader that the city of Davis needs, and he will be a good steward of our public funds.

Please vote for Josh Chapman in the upcoming election.

Diane Sommers
Suicide Prevention of Yolo County executive director

This letter was originally published in the Davis Enterprise on October 6, 2020