I have known Josh Chapman for many years and could not be happier for all of us that he is running for Davis City Council. It’s been a long time coming.

Josh is an incredible stand-up person. He’s the guy in the room who listens and when he speaks, it’s abundantly clear that not only was he listening, he’s informed and prepared. He’s done the reading. He’s one of those exceptional people who initiate action towards the shared aspirations we have about living here together in our great little town. He has participated on committees and civic groups for years, all aimed at making Davis a better place to live and work.

Anyone who has ever owned and run a small business knows it requires an all consuming commitment and the ability to adapt under difficult circumstances. I have marveled at Josh’s business sense and his ability to adapt and grow a long-standing local business through the last recession and then step-up to lead the downtown in recovery. It comes as no surprise to many that Josh is ready and willing to represent South Davis at a time when we need innovative and fresh ideas that reflect the reality that we are a community facing new challenges of both economic and social justice.

As I have had the opportunity to get to know Josh even better over the past year while working closely with him on several projects, I gained a greater appreciation for his wisdom, his wit and his fundamental knowledge of how cities work. He pays attention to the details, he asks excellent questions, he listens to everyone, makes time for anyone, and he makes balanced, thoughtful decisions.

Josh will be an excellent representative for us all. His experience and long-standing commitment to our community is evidenced by his supporters, local residents from all walks of life that know Josh and trust him to be thoughtful and deliberate in driving positive change for all, not just a privileged few.

Please join me in giving Josh your support and your vote.

Lynne Ferda

This letter was originally published in the Davis Enterprise on September 23, 2020