As a proud Davis resident and mom who hopes my boys will love this town enough to stick around or at least frequently visit once they’re up and out, I wish I could vote Josh Chapman for city Council. Since I live in District 4 which doesn’t have any City Council candidates on the ballot this election, I’ll be relying on the good judgement of my Davis neighbors who live in other districts to choose City Council candidates who value equity, diversity, and sustainability.

Over the many years I have known Josh, I have witnessed his compassionate, humble, effective leadership on the baseball field as a coach/little league board member; as a business owner/supporter of music in the Davis downtown core; and — most importantly — as a dad and friend. As a human, Josh values inclusion and collaboration. As a local business owner, Josh understands the struggles many businesses are facing during these unprecedented times.

I know that, if elected, he’ll strive to ensure that voices are heard, all humans are valued, and budgetary choices balance current realities with future needs. Like me, he has kids whose futures rely on the decisions being made today. So … if you live in South Davis, I encourage you to vote for Josh Chapman for City Council. You’ll thank yourself and will earn the gratitude of neighbors like me.

Elizabeth Wisnia

This letter was originally published in the Davis Enterprise on September 13, 2020